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With a Greater Global Presence
The Sodick Group addresses the world market by dividing it into four areas - Japan, Asia (excluding Japan), North and South America, and Europe - and develops its market responses after carefully analyzing developments in each of these four areas.

Sodick has established technical centers at core facilities in each of these areas to enhance sales and service activities. Technical centers are showrooms that offer customers' total solutions based on the machines and products available from Sodick's three businesses. Technical centers handle not only sales and business meetings but also offer complete customer support.

For production, Sodick is shifting production facilities to oversea locations, which offer the advantages of both low costs and high quality, such as Thailand and China. In the field of R&D, the Group had established Sodick America Corporation in the US, where the latest information technology is available. Sodick America Corporation works together with the R&D division of Sodick's Japanese headquarters to perform research in advanced CNC control systems.