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Pursuit of Outstanding Performance Smart Pulse & Smart Linear

Adopted a 19 multi-touch LCD type CNC device, which Achieved overwhelming processing speed by mounting a high-speed Dual Core processor. In addition, the new "Digital PIKA W Plus" circuit and "DSF" were developed for improving the speed and machining stability.


Technical Specifications
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 500
Max. workpiece dimensions (W x D x H, mm) 600 x 470 x 240
X/Y/Z axis travel (mm) 400 x 300 x 250
U/V axis travel 150 x 150
Taper angle ±25°
Wire diameter (mm) Ø 0.10~ Ø 0.30
Wire tension (N) 3~23
Max. wire speed (mm/sec) 420
Distance from floor to table top (mm) 995
Controlled axis 5
Machine tool dimensions (W x D x H, mm) 2115 x 2490 x 2230
Machine installation dimensions (mm) 3350 x 3840
Machine weight (kg) 3400
Work tank dimensions (W x D, mm) 850 x 610

Dielectric Tank
External dim. (W x D x H, mm) 650 x 2154
Weight (empty, kg) 400
Capacity (l) 600
Filtration method 3 replaceable paper filters