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Ultra High-speed /Small-hole Drilling EDM/with De-ionized Water

Realized continuous automatic high quality & high-speed hole machining for the automobile industry, medical equipment, and electrical & electronic industries

Main Features

Ultra High-speed Machining

Standardly equipped Sodick Motion Controller (K-SMC) realizes optimal servo control. Accordingly, ultra highspeed small hole machining is now possible. While ensuring a spacious machining space, realized a spacesaving design. Equipped with machining conditions including small diameter hole machining by CU pipe electrode and BS (brass) pipe electrode.

Equipped with Latest LK2 Power Supply

Equipped with electric discharge power supply LK2, which enables burr-less and electrolytic corrosion-less in a de-ionized water dielectric fluid. Equipped with various machining conditions for steel, cemented carbide, copper, and aluminum.

Workability and Operability

Standardly equipped with automatic programming software "LN Assist" dedicated to small hole EDM drilling machines, so that machining can also be performed easily even by beginners. Also standardly equipped with Sodick's unique automatic electrode feeder AEF and through hole detection function. Various options are available according to the machining needs, including a high column specification.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications
 Axis stroke X×Y×Z (mm)
300 x 400 x 300
 Table size W x D (mm)
480 x 790
 Max. workpiece weight(kg)
 Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm)
1495 x 1290 x 2150