Sodic Thailand Corporate
Product Line

Standard Features
  • Linear Motor (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Linear scale (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Ceramic components
  • Linear motor cooling unit
  • Dielectric fluid cooling unit
  • SVC circuit
  • “SGF” Nano-Wear Discharge Unit
  • NC operation panel
  • Remote controller
  • LN assist software for optimum condition search
  • Intelligent Q³vic EDM
  • Clamping chuck
  • LAN interface
  • USB port
  • Totalising hour metre
  • Work light
  • Oscilloscope
  • Active Power Restart (UPS)
  • STP circuit (for hard metal cutting)
  • 120A booster
  • 160A booster
  • High Precision Rotary Head
  • Linear electrode changer Shuttle ATC
  • JauchSchmider Rotary table (indexing or simultaneous movement)
  • Custom colour
  • C axis


Linear Motor Drive Large Size Die Sinker EDM

A large size die sinker EDM specialising in the highly efficient production of large size moulds such as those for automobile parts and large flat display panels, making it possible to fully utilise the high speed, high precision machining capability of linear motor drive machines.


Technical Specifications
X/Y/Z axis travel (mm) 900 x 1500 (+500) x 600
Table dimensions (mm) 1000 x 2000
Worktank dimensions (mm) 1400 x 2500 x 800
Dielectric level (min ~ max, mm) 400 ~ 750
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 10000
Max. electrode weight (kg) 100
Distance from floor to table top (mm) 1000
Machine tool dimensions (W x D x H, mm, Incl. power supply and dielectric tank) 3050 x 5180 x 4220
Step resolution (mm) 0.0001
Machine weight (kg) 11000
Controlled axis 4
Air pressure (Automatic Clamping chuck, MPa) 0.65

C Axis (optional)
Resolution 0.001°
Rotational speed (min ~ max rpm, continuous) 2 ~ 20

Dielectric Tank
External dimensions  (W x D x H, mm) 3050 x 2050 x 2550
Weight (empty, kg) 2.200
Dielectric fluid Oil
Capacity (l) 4500
Filtration method Replaceable paper filter (MF-2400)