Sodic Thailand Corporate
Product Line

Standard Features
  • Linear Motor (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Linear scale (X/Y/Z axis
  • Ceramic components
  • Linear motor cooling unit
  • SVC circuit
  • “SGF” Nano-Wear Discharge Unit
  • Q³vic EDM


Premium High End EDM Machine

Responding to the need for a higher level of machining accuracy, Sodick's AP1L Premium offers solutions to ultra precision machining requirements based on achieved superiority in mini and microscopic machining. Production is improved through advanced functions for automation and labour saving operation. Revolutionary technology is needed for electrode dressing to support ultra precision high speed machining of hard and difficult materials in order to achieve manufacturing capability of mini and micro moulds.

Main Features

The screw-less drive, which uses a linear motor and linear scale, is the ideal drive method which maintains high-speed and high response performance semi-permanently. In addition, the AP1L employs the latest technology in highly rigid construction, small/precision head, and so on.

High-speed, high quality finishing “SVC” circuit

The “SVC” circuit increases the machining speed in finishing compared to our previous model, and supplies a uniform discharge pulse between the electrodes. The optimum surface roughness over the machining area is greatly improved, realizing a high quality pear-skin or mirror finish

Three-sided automated vertical slide machining tank

The three-sided automated vertical slide machining tank facilitates setup work for super-precision machining. It also enables an optimum cost to be configured when a robot is adopted for automation and labor saving.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications
 X - Axis Travel (mm)  200
 Y - Axis Travel (mm)  120
 Z - Axis Travel (mm)  200
  Work Table Size (mm)  360 x 220
 Work Tank Size (mm)  503 x 349 x 250
 Fluid Level (min ~ max) (mm)  80 ~ 200
 Work Tank Capacity (Liters)  120
 Max. workpiece weight (kg)  25
 Machine Dimensions (W x D x H, mm, Incl. power supply   and dielectric tank)  1355 x 1895 x 2030
 Machine weight (kg)  3100