Sodic Thailand Corporate
Product Line

Standard Features
  • Linear Motor (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Absolute Linear scale (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Ceramic components
  • Linear motor cooling unit
  • SVC circuit
  • “SGF2” Nano-Wear Discharge Unit
  • TMM3 generator


Linear Motor Drive High speed Die-sinker EDM

The AG40L/AG60L Sinker EDM features Sodick’s Linear MotorTechnology Sodick’s best selling Die sinker EDM range “AG series” ensures that machining in half the time has become an economically efficient reality The series features linear drive technology and simplified control mechanisms, which provide a direct link between the drive and the control. This ensures the fastest possible servo-response and optimal spark gaps at all times

Main Features

Linear Motor Drive System

Linear motor drive system is the most ideal mechanism which semi-permanently sustains high-speed axis-movements and instantaneous response.

New "LP2" Controller

The 5th generation electrical discharge technology "LP2" has adopted the "Perfect Active Control," enabling simultaneous control of high-speed electrical discharge and axis- movements by using serial communication technology of 1Gbit/sec.

Arc-less & High Quality Surface Finish

The new "Arc-less" electrical discharge system features further improved in machining performance, and ensures great reduction in machining time. Equipped with "SVC" circuit as standard, high-quality surface finishing, satin surface, and mirror surface can be achieved with great ease.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications
 X - Axis Travel (mm)  400  600
 Y - Axis Travel (mm)  300  420
 Z - Axis Travel (mm)  270  370
 Work Table Size (mm)  600 x 400  750 x 550
 Work Tank Size (mm)  750 x 620 x 350  950 x 740 x 450
 Fluid Level (min ~ max) (mm)  100 ~ 300  150 ~ 400
 Dielectric fluid Tank Capacity (Liters)  285  465
 Max. workpiece weight (kg)  550  1500
 Machine Dimensions (W x D x H, mm, Incl. power supply   and dielectric tank)  1550 x 2440 x 2330  1852 x 2825 x 2570
 Machine weight (kg)  4000  5350