Sodic Thailand Corporate
Product Line

Standard Features
  • Linear Motor (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Absolute Linear scale (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Ceramic components
  • Linear motor cooling unit
  • Dielectric fluid cooling unit
  • SVC circuit
  • “SGF2” Nano-Wear Discharge Unit
  • TMM3 generator
  • Improved Ease of Operation
  • Remote controller
  • LN Professional software for optimum condition search
  • Clamping chuck
  • LAN interface
  • USB port
  • 15" TFT Screen
  • Work light
  • SEC-10 (C axis unit)
  • Oscilloscope
  • Active Power Restart (UPS)
  • 40A booster
  • High Precision Rotary Head, C axis
  • Automatic tool changer (ATC)
  • 6/8-axis simultaneous (factory option)
  • Custom colour


AG100L- where bigger is better

Sodick launches the largest AG Sinker-EDM, the AG100L. Needless to say, the model features all the in-house made technologies of Sodick. 

The AG series features linear drive technology and simplified control mechanisms, which provide a direct link between the drive and the control. This ensures the fastest possible servo response and optimal spark gaps at all times

Technical Specifications
X/Y/Z axis travel (mm) 1200 x 650 x 500
Table dimensions (mm) 1600 x 1000
Worktank dimensions (mm) 2100 x 1250 x 650
Dielectric level (min ~ max, mm) 325 ~ 600
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 5000
Max. electrode weight (kg) 100
Distance from floor to table top (mm) 940
Machine tool dimensions (W x D x H, mm, Incl. power supply and dielectric tank) 3820 x 4200 x 3340
Step resolution (mm) 0.0001
Machine weight (kg) 12500
Controlled axis 4
Air pressure (Automatic Clamping chuck, MPa) 0.65

C Axis (optional)
Resolution 0.001°
Rotational speed (min ~ max rpm, continuous) 2 ~ 20

Dielectric Tank
External dim. (W x D x H, mm) 2520 x 900 x 2330 (Main) / 900 x 2650 x 1250 (Sub)
Weight (empty, kg) 650 (main) + 450 (sub)
Dielectric fluid Oil
Capacity (l) 2770
Filtration method 6 Replaceable paper filters (MF-2400)